Introduction to Vascular and Interventional Centre

Vascular and Interventional Centre is an established single specialty group practice in Singapore to provide comprehensive services in the management of vascular disease using non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques. Whilst the management of vascular problems has evolved internationally, similar changes in Singapore have been limited by the focus in major hospitals on the treatment of acute conditions as a result of chronic disease. Even now, only a minority of patients with time-consuming and frequently complicated vascular problems have had ready access to specialist help, often being referred to the few hospital-based private practices. This situation has been changed by the development of endovascular therapeutic techniques that are most often applicable to the management of the entire spectrum of vascular disease and are ideally suited to being practiced in a private office setting. The continued evolution of these techniques and the present significant progress in vascular medicine and surgery has created the need for a comprehensive specialist practice such as our Centre. Our aim is to attain and maintain a position as the primary centre of reference for vascular therapeutic services in Singapore and South Asia. With the full spectrum of today’s techniques in mind for the treatment of all vascular problems, we endeavor to provide the best care for those in whom treatment is most appropriately provided in the office setting and those who require minimally invasive treatment as a prelude to or as a minimization of open surgery. For those looking for a vein clinic Singapore, Vascular and Interventional Centre is here to help.

  1. The Leading Vein Clinic in Singapore

All of our vein treatment options are performed in-house. The clinic is equipped with the latest medical technology and has an in-house day surgery center offering a convenient and comfortable setting. Treatment plans are designed to fit the lifestyle of our patients: Most of our procedures allow patients to return home the same day with minimal disruption to their daily activities.

At VIC, we aim to provide the highest standard of care for our patients. All patients are assessed and treated by a team of highly experienced medical professionals specializing in vascular disease (vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, and sonologists). Our medical team is committed to providing the most effective treatment solutions for each individual. Treatment plans are discussed among the medical team to ensure that each patient receives the most appropriate treatment for their particular condition.

Whether you are looking to treat medical vein disorders or seeking effective treatment for unsightly spider and varicose veins, at VIC we have various treatment options to suit your individual needs. Our Centre is the first and only facility in Singapore to treat all aspects of venous disease. We provide a comprehensive range of treatment options from minimally invasive non-surgical procedures to the more advanced medical treatment for deep-seated or complex vein disorders.

  1. Discover the Best Pain Management Doctor in Singapore

There are minimally invasive methods to treat pain up to surgery. Painkillers only provide temporary relief and have various side effects like kidney failure, constipation, or nausea. Those with vascular causes of pain can get a cure for their pain through surgery; however, conventional open surgery carries a high risk and long recovery time. There is a better solution. Angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to cure patients’ pain with a very low risk and recovery time. This can be done in those patients with artery blockages and is most useful in diabetic patients to cure critical limb ischemia. Another method will be a pain-relieving spinal cord stimulation and nerve block. This can be used in patients with chronic pain, especially those with unserviceable surgical lesions or inoperable conditions. This procedure has minimal risk compared to conventional surgery and can be done on an outpatient basis. A pain-free state will be a reality for such patients.

There is hope for all pain sufferers as pain can be managed through various methods. Patients with cancer pain and chronic pain patients need not live a life of misery and suffering. Pain can be relieved and one can get back a quality life. Pain relief will be a crucial step in management of the condition for these patients. There are various ways to manage pain in patients with vascular problems like painkillers, surgery, and various other methods. An individualized plan will be made for each patient according to their condition as he does not believe in a one-size-fits-all method. You can contact the team at Vascular and Interventional Centre to find out more information about the best pain management doctor in Singapore.

  1. Sclerotherapy: A Revolutionary Treatment in Singapore

A common misconception is that varicose veins are only a cosmetic issue. However, there is no evidence to suggest that treating varicose veins will lead to any adverse effects on leg or pelvic pain. In fact, a significant percentage of people with varicose veins have an underlying vein condition that if left untreated, could lead to more adverse health problems. These problems may include leg swelling and fatigue, night cramps and restless legs, and an increase in the skin pigmentation and texture which can ultimately lead to leg ulcers. By removing or treating the varicose veins, it is possible to relieve these problems.

The treatment is minimally invasive and is done in the clinic. Patients are able to walk immediately after the procedure and recovery time is generally shorter than surgical methods. The Vascular and Interventional Centre offers sclerotherapy Singapore. This is a highly effective treatment with optimal results and minimal downtime.

  1. Choose Vascular and Interventional Centre for Effective Vascular Treatments in Singapore

Looking forward to a hassle-free vascular treatment in a modern outpatient setting? Vascular and Interventional Centre offers a comprehensive consultative service and provides a complete range of diagnostic and interventional treatment for patients with vascular disorders. Make an appointment with us and we will take you step by step through your treatment process. Most of our patients are referred by their doctors for consultation. After a thorough history and clinical examination, an in-depth discussion will be carried out and a list of investigations required will be drawn up. Patients will usually have a number of these on the same day and occasionally treatment may be carried out at the same visit. If inpatient treatment or surgical intervention is required, this can be arranged. We have a team of experienced nursing staff and radiographers. Most of our nurses have worked in the operating theatre or in other interventional specialties. Patients are cared for in a high standard and safe environment as we try to ascertain the best possible results for any vascular illness.




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